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Bishop Samuel Varghese


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    Unseen Yet Seen

    "Can you see beyond your eyes could carry? Can you understand the utterings not heard? Can you feel the presence of a passion holding you closer to a dream? Then dream along with the author to see more of what her life can inspire yours' to ignite the very flames of your humble inspirations to a blazing fire of a persuasion only your conscience can lead you to. Persuade yourselves to dream bigger for a noble cause, persuade yourself to persevere, persuade yourself to see the unseen..." This is the story of Bishop Samuel Varghese, artfully told by his daughter Susan Ann Samuel, that will edify and encourage you to live a courageous and faith-filled Christian life.
    349.00 329.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    349.00 329.00