What We Do ?


Our editors will provide fresh perspective and insights to an author’s work. Their expertise and experience will ensure that your book achieves its potential. The Editorial team works with international Christian publishers.

Copy Edit

Manuscript Preparation

Our team will perform global search and replace for: extra spaces, tabs, incorrect format apostrophes and quotation marks, apply style formats to subhead levels, tracked changes in manuscript to correct spelling, punctuation, grammatical, typographical and CMOS style errors.

Adjust awkward or unclear sentences; complete problematic sentence fragments; check table of contents for consistency with chapter titles; list items that may require permission or credit; list queries concerning errors/inconsistencies for author to address.


We provide quality typesetting to book interior so that the readers will have a seamless and ordered reading experience. The result is a book that is appealing, readable, and ready to publish. Our typesetting team delivers the sharp design that readers expect, along with the professional production experience that you expect.

Cover Design

We work creatively to design and produce best-in-industry book covers, web images, and collateral materials that give your message a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Long-Run Book Production

Long-run print solutions provide the broadest range of production capabilities and the lowest cost per unit. It includes specialized cover treatments, multiple binding options, and a wide selection of sheets, shrink-wrapping and custom packaging.

Short-Run Digital Book Production

Short-run digital book printing leverages the speed advantages of digital technology while providing a variety of cover treatments, binding options, and text stocks; all at a lower unit cost than Print-on-Demand for low risk inventory management.


With eBook conversion, you get what you pay for. Open Door Publications works with major Christian publishers, enabling them to jump the curb to digital sales, send digital Advance Reader Copies, and monetize both backlist and out-of-print titles.

Converted from: InDesign, Quark, PDFs formats.


Through collaboration with other Distributors, we provide single-source distribution to providers of major retail markets. On-line ordering available 24/7 to all clients and retailers and our customer service center in operation 9am – 6 pm.

Digital Books   Also Available